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Welcome to CC's Heroes and Villains. Here I will be posting pictures of and writing about all of my custom made Super Heroes and Super Villains in comic book style.

Oh, and if you want to - add your own hero and villain wiki page - feel free.

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What's this Wiki about?Edit

I've recently taken quite a liking to superheroes and villains, so I spent my time searching for a good enough comic book hero and villain designer to start creating my own pictures, and share them with the web.

Creating these characters has started to help me, as its let me get back to my imaginative side, and think up some unique and cool ideas. When I was younger, I always loved drawing and I loved classic comics and movies such as Spiderman, Superman, Batman. Plus the thousands of superheroes and supervillians amazed me. My favorite has to be Deadpool or Deathstroke. I mainly get my inspiration from DC and Marvel, and what really got me into tryuing to create Super Characters is the game Injustice: Gods Among Us (amazing game).

I use a piece of software called Hero Maker 3. It has a hell of a lot of different combos to try out, and is a really fun and creative program for anyone to try.

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